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Thursday, December 11, 2008


these kids are holding their first sheets of art paper. My friend Yvonne Baginsky has been in Kenya teaching art and helping with a solar project. They need money. Who doesn't? It looks like an ordinary picture but can you remember the day you held your first sheet of paper? They painted a mural on the maternity ward of the hospital and they did a lot of drawing. Good stuff.
The other picture is from a woman in Norway. I enhanced it so it looks like a spider. Wierd stuff. More to come. This picture is destined for our Journey edition of Eden Waters Press we're working on right now. I'm taking a short break to go to New Zealand, then back to the press. Check out the old pictures from our trip to Hanoi. We've been doing it up this year. Lots of poems came out of this inspiration, and I love reading about other people's journeys in the submissions we've received for the magazine. By the way, we are broke. Contributions are so welcome. Every accepted contributer receives a complimentary copy and the publishing process itself is expensive, and Bush has ruined our economy -- my economy. I see so many homeless people--we covered that in our last issue. So we need to get away. If it gets any worse I'm heading out. So Please, send us your rubles, your rubies, and your pennies. Anything is welcome to help us get this issue to fruition. We love your work. We want to share all our journeys, including ones to the bank, so mundane. Enjoy the pictures. I'm going to upload more of Kenya.
And Happy holidays everyone. I hope your next year is happy and healthy and full of good writing and strong thoughts.